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When it comes to scrap metal recycling software Mayer is your ultimate recycling software partner… from bin to board room.

Your ultimate recycling software partner.

We understand that in your world, there’s no room for error. Large teams, a fleet of trucks, mountains of scrap materials, all need to co-ordinate and align activity to ensure margins are maintained and every opportunity is taken to optimize your business. The Mayer Platform is ready.


Whether you are migrating from a legacy system or starting fresh, the Mayer Migration Team will help every step of the way with an easy transition to ensure your data, history, and reporting systems are tailored to your unique needs.


From the drivers managing transport of scrap metal parts, through to the back office and senior management, Mayer has been built based on fulfilling all your operational needs, from the bin up.


With your world hinging on margins that are growing ever tighter, your software needs to do more than record… it needs to predict. How is my month tracking? Where is the market heading? Where can I find opportunity? If your software is not answering all these questions… It’s time for Mayer.

Start improving your business today.

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The recycling world is developing faster than ever before. With automation at the forefront, Mayer will be there as a trusted partner. In conjunction with our industry proven scale solution, we provide principals, owners and management with real-time reporting and analytics at a glance allowing you to harness the power of information technology and in the process make your company more efficient and able to make quicker decisions in a greatly competitive market.


Mayer will help manage inbound material for melts. This includes ordering, scheduling and shipments by truck, rail and barge. For large scale operations we provide a customizable hook into existing crane scale operations, allowing for the production of materials to run efficiently.


As margins decrease through ever increasing competition, companies need more accurate and improved information to establish whether trades are reliable, cost efficient and above all profitable.

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We understand what you need most. Worry free management tools that work to ensure your business is profitable, efficient and running smoothly from the trucks to the back office, all while meeting your criteria in a cost-effective way that scales with your organization as needed.


Material Manager
The backbone of the Mayer Platform. Manage your primary business, users, material tracking and reporting from this module.
Scale Manager
Trackable, independent vendor descriptions for each commodity line.
Scale Manager Touch Screen
Scale Manager for touch screen controls environments.
Polling Manager
Ability to link multiple sites through one central database.
Document Manager
Automates the distribution of tickets/contracts/invoices via email without any additional user intervention
Pocket Manager
Allows your teams to access Scale Manager using their mobile devices to assist with efficiency in areas where weather or environments are not suitable for working outside the vehicle.
Mayer Net
A managed customer portal for Material Manager that is secure and user friendly.


Bin/Asset Tracking
In partnership with CRO, Mayer offers a comprehensive solution which fully utilizes the best components of both products.
Truck scheduling. Also facilitates overseas shipments via overseas booking entry.
Manage container lists, third party freight and in transit entries.
Module designed for brokerage transactions.
Used by mills to forecast amount of material needed for the month.
Market Pricing
Price /sales orders based off current metal market pricing.
A way to issue cash advances to suppliers
Waste Management
A plug in for scale manager to facilitate waste deliveries/waste operations.
A module in material manager which allows purchase/sales of products (rail car wheels).
Rail Car Tracking
Integration and method to track rail cars on site.

Integrated Bin/Asset Tracking

When we looked to integrate world class bin and asset tracking to the Mayer platform we needed only look to CRO Software Solutions to solve our needs. CRO and Mayer combine to provide an end-to-end solution unlike anything else in the market.


“Mayer has been a great partner, helping Gallatin with its MMS needs. During the last MMS upgrade, Gallatin needed to implemented a process change for its business needs, and Mayer helped us by implementing software changes in MMS. Mayer worked with Gallatin to understand our needs, and created a solution that worked. They continued to work with us during the testing phase, and was able to diagnosed and fix problems quickly, providing software changes in a timely manner. Mayer’s MMS software application has been a great success at Gallatin.”
Anthony Irvin,

Gallatin Steel

“Absolutely a fabulous system I have tried many other systems but they did not have the options and detail that I need. Call me and I will show you.”
Lou Parberry

Northwest Recycling

“Mayer did the whole job to get us up and running in 5 days and within a budget that we could afford, taking into account that we wanted more than one user on the system.”
Wayne Lanham,

Texas Metals & Recycling