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"Absolutely a fabulous system I have tried many other systems but they did not have the options and detail that I need. Call me and I will show you."
Lou Parberry, Northwest Recycling

Small Business Edition
Get up and running fast! Mayer can now provide you with a complete scale-to-scale solution and have you up and running in 5 days!
Our SBE package includes 5 days for custom installation and training!

Complete Material Manager Suite
Our flagship management solution for medium to large recycling companies and steel mills


Mayer would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2017!

In anticipation of new mandated scrap/peddler reporting requirements, we have recently updated the Mayer Software Suite to facilitate new legislated requirements for both Texas and Ohio. More information on these and other recent changes can be found on the customer portal under the release notes section. For clients who wish to upgrade to newest release of 440.17, please contact support for the install package and upgrade instructions.

Work progresses on expanding our products to be more user friendly to both the waste and auto salvage businesses. To this end we have exciting announcements regarding version 440.18 of the Mayer Software Suite coming in the new year! We are happy to announce that one of the big changes coming as part of 440.18 will be the release of a standalone phone/tablet application based on the Android platform. The Pocket Manager application will allow your inspectors to verify/sort scrap loads in real time using any Android device while also allowing warehouse staff to process bales/movements using the in-app inventory management tools.

Mayer continues to be there to support you.

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